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Thank you for viewing Stacy J Events Boutique's FAQ page. Here are some commonly asked questions we wanted to answer for you. 

If you don't see your question below please reach out to us at or call us at 623-313-2211. 

  • Do you sell more than t-shirts for clothing items?
    No. We are not a clothing boutique. We are an event boutique so we focus on everything events. The t-shirts are just a fun way to celebrate the holidays. The only other clothing you will find in our store are bridal dresses.
  • Are you a legitimate boutique?
    Yes! We have all of our items in house. We don't drop ship or wait for a buyer then order from somewhere else. We photograph all our own products and ship directly from our store or warehouse.
  • Do you have a storefront?
    Yes. we have a small boutique located in Goodyear, AZ. You can come in and purchase your event decor or order it online.
  • What items do you sell?
    We sell used wedding dresses, bridal t-shirts, holiday t-shirts, candles, picture frames, pillows, table decor, cups, glasses, props, etc. When you think about having a party there are so many things to consider. We want you to be ready. We sell baby shower items, birthday items, wedding items, and other holiday items.
  • What makes you different than Party City or a bridal shop?
    The owner has been doing events for over 15 years. When you want a unique item for an event most large party stores won't have what we carry. There is no where in Arizona to go and purchase centerpieces, holiday shirts or a bridal party shirt set and get planning advice in one place. She wanted to create a place you could ask questions about events and purchase small items needed. She decided that not every woman wants to spend thousands of dollars on dresses so she collects slightly used wedding dresses and resales them (off the rack) to brides on a budget. The store also host event classes that customers can sign up for a fee of $75 and get event planner advice at $50/hr. All classes are Saturday morning. We are unlike any other store because we offer products, services and courses to help anyone planning an event.
  • Can we get custom made t-shirts?
    We can have custom bridal shirts made, however, they must be done in the store at least 15 days prior to being needed. We only do custom bridal shirts. All other shirts are off the rack.
  • What type of workshops do you host?
    We host two types of workshops, those for wedding planners and those for customers with event questions and issues. The wedding planner workshops consist of : How to build trust with clients Hot to get clients Why social media helps build reputation The customer workshops include: How to budget for a birthday party Places to shop for party decor Best vendors to use and why Wedding planning tips These are just a few examples, please check our services page for more workshop topics.
  • How often do you get new items?
    We get new items on the 3rd of every month. Depending on the holiday season determines what we stock. The major holidays we supply for are Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween, New Years & Easter. We keep wedding decor and bridal in stock all year long.
  • Can I return decor?
    You can return decor but it will only be refunded for store credit. Please see our refund policy.
  • Do you offer event planning services?
    Yes, there is a professional event planner located in the boutique. If you want to get specific information on your event or vendor information you can pay $50.00 and sit down for an hour with a professional. If they don't have the availability you can schedule an appointment online to meet with one. If you want an event planner for a specific event you can come in the store and speak with the event planner on duty to see if they are available for your event and the cost. If you want event details you will need to book an hour consultation online.

Have a question you don’t see here?

If you don't see the question you wanted an answer to above please reach out to us via email or the phone number listed above. We want to make your event special. 

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