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The well priced cake

You can find a cake for your wedding/birthday party, or any event in all kinds of places, including the grocery store. The question is will it be the design, taste, & appearance you want. Cakes are an important part of many celebrations. Here are things to consider when placing your order for a cake and how to keep the costs down.

1) Square over round - Not sure you know this, but a square cake gives you more slices than a round cake. Be sure to get more bang for your buck in this selection.

2) Cupcakes over Cake - Many people are skipping a cake all together and going with 1 cupcake per guest. This way if you have 50 guests you can make 52 cupcakes (include yourselves), and not waste extra cake. Some people may even skip on the cupcake and you can have extra for yourself or other guests.

3) Don't use the venue's bakers - As a wedding planner I have found the cost for delivery, assembly and cake cutting fees can get costly. When venues charge cutting fees from $1.50/slice, or an extra $200 in setup and delivery fees, you waste money. Get a cake from a place that you can have someone pick it up and slice it yourselves.

4) How many tiers - In actuality many people waste money on large extravagant cakes because by the time the cake is serves many people are drinking and don't want cake. If you want a tall 5 tier cake, how much of that is actually going to be eaten? You really only need 1 or 2 tiers of real cake. The other tiers can be styrofoam, which can save you hundreds of dollars. Especially on a smaller event.

5) Make it yourself - In many cases for a wedding this is impossible, but if you have a family member that is great at baking maybe they can do it. For other events, think of creating the cake yourself. Even if you're not the best baker, with Youtube and so many other platforms you can find a way to DIY your cake.

6) Book Early - If you're not a baking type it is always best to book your baker early and ask for early booking deals. If you know a year in advance, you could save money getting your baker to design and bake your cake. This also gives you time to shop around for the best deal.

7) Sam's Club or Costco - Believe it or not, now these stores offer 3-tier cakes for $120. Get a plan colored cake and add your own decorations and save hundreds of dollars. Don't worry the cakes still taste delicious. Once catch is you can't get extravagant with the flavors. They only offer white, chocolate or marble at this time.

8) New Bakers - It may be scary, but trying a new bakery or baker out can save because they are trying to build their clientele. They will bake your cake for a lot less than the seasoned, well-known bakers.

9) Skip the filling - Many times people don't realize they are paying more to add filling to their cakes. If you skip the filling this could save you money on your beautiful cake.

10) Treat Table - Instead of a cake, have a take home candy treat table. Many guests love this and it will be remembered far more than your cake, unless your cake is absolutely stunning & tasty. Treat tables can go with the theme of your party and include chocolate covered treats. This is something you can buy and have a friend setup for you.

Hopefully some of these tips help you when deciding on your cake for your next event. Cakes can range from basic @ $45 all the way up to thousands of dollars depending on the size and design. Save yourself by creating the cake you desire on a budget. Give us feedback if these tips help you decide on your cake selection.

Here are a few bakeries to consider when making your cake selection:

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