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Venue Options - Which style should you choose?

Venues tell a lot about your style, character and theme of your event. When choosing a venue there are many things to consider such as, how many guests, your theme, type of event, time of year and so much more. Here are 10 venue options to consider.

1) Airbnb/Vrbo/Historical Houses & mansions - When hosting an event the first place you should look at to save money is your own home. If you don't have enough space or just don't want to do it at home consider renting an Airbnb, VRBO or a historic site or mansion. Believe it or not they do rent out these spaces for events. Search for local societies or preservation groups.

2) Museums/art galleries - Depending on your style of event, museums and art galleries are great open spaces to host an event. Museums have private rooms for rent and art galleries need no decorations. Larger museums may have a larger price than a smaller museum. Most people don't consider these when renting a space so you may get a great deal during their slow season.

3) Bed & Breakfast - There aren't many bed & breakfast spots anymore, but the ones that are still around can be a great way to host an event. You can also have a room saved for you after the event. Here you will get personal service and pricing similar to a smaller hotel.

4) Restaurants - Hosting an event or reception at a restaurant can give you a wider range and diverse menu options. A good way to save money is if you book a dinner only restaurant try to get your event during lunch time and have the entire restaurant for your event. Major things to consider is how many people you will have. If you have a small party most restaurants have rooms available for free as long as you meet the food minimum.

5) College clubs/Campus venues - If you went to a college in your state they have rooms available for rent you can book for a wedding reception, birthday party, etc. For example in Arizona ASU offers rooms for rent through many clubs and facilities.

6) Gardens - What better place to be than in a garden in spring when flowers are in bloom and the weather is amazing? Many local gardens host events. Many gardens are public and can close off a section for your event, others you can book and close for a private event. Many gardens are cheaper than your average event space because it is outside. A website called Peerspace can help you find gardens near you.

7) Golf Courses - A clubhouse, a view, the right season and you're in luck! Golf courses have been booked for weddings for years, but they are also available for other events. This is a great place for an outdoor wedding and indoor reception. Your best deals will be on public courses outside the major cities. One thing to consider is you may have to be a member of the club or a family member has to be. Make sure you check into this prior to trying to book the venue.

8) Churches/Synagogues - The best priced venues are located on church and synagogue grounds. Mainly because this isn't their main purpose for these spaces. Some churches will event rent the space to you for free if you're a member. One thing to remember is there are certain rules for hosting an event at a church or synagogues such as types of music allowed and typically no alcoholic beverages can be served.

9) Tents - Hosting an event in a large tent is amazing. You can have a party anywhere you want, the beach, the backyard, the park, etc. This doesn't cut pricing, as a tent rental can be just as expensive as renting a venue, due to delivery, set-up, permits and location fees. Depending on your event and the style you're going for this could be an excellent option.

10) Zoo - Believe it or not the zoo can be an exciting place to host an event. They have large banquet rooms for guests to rent and they serve food. Depending on the time of year you may even be able to capture events, such as zoo lights.

Wherever you decide to host your next event make sure you pick the perfect location for you. Here are a few of my favorite venues to check out:

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