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Meet Stacy J 

Stacy J Events Boutique was created after Stacy did event planning for over 15 years and wanted to expand.  In 2019, She purchased a venue and started creating magic in her own location, but something was still missing. She had brides complaining about decor, ordering things and not being happy with them, customers who wanted advice but not an event planner so she closed down the venue and in February 2020 opened the first event planning boutique in Arizona. This boutique not only sells party items, but has an event planner available for an hour consultations for a minimal cost. 


This boutique sells upscale party items and

t-shirts for all occasions. The goal was to create a place people can come get information and purchase items for their upcoming events. There are no contracts to sign or high deposits to pay. You can come purchase a birthday t-shirt and ask advice

on locations, vendors and even decor ideas without feeling overwhelmed with cost. 


Creating this boutique allows Stacy to put her fingerprint on all events, even if she isn't the event planner. It is more important to help people succeed than to make money. The overall goal is to build a legacy of happy events and customers with decor and a story to tell. AND she has fun doing it. 

Stacy J Events



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Store Hours:​

Sunday - Closed 

Monday- Closed

Tuesday- 10am- 7pm (closed until further notice)

Wednesday 10am-5pm (closed until further notice)

Thursday 10am-7pm (closed until further notice)

Friday 10am-7pm (closed until further notice) 

Saturday 10am-7pm (closed until further notice) 

*You will see a message here if store is closed for a private event!!!

Due to COVID-19 Our physical location will be closed until October 2020. For right now we are only doing online orders! 

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